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"One-Eyed Jack has been the classic underground underdog that has taken many concert-goers by storm. Nobody leaves a One-Eyed Jack show without feeling like you experienced something special. And nobody knows why they haven't been famous by now. The rigorous tour schedule and the band's life on the verge of the real world has squeezed one of the emotional studio recordings of the band and possibly of the Jam Band scene. " (Arts Weekly Magazine - 2006)

"Keep Your Head is One-Eyed Jack’s first release since 2003’s outstanding Sunlight Blue Madness, and Keep Your Head reaffirms why One-Eyed Jack is one of the most innovative bands on the jam band scene today. There are many groups that call themselves jam bands, but these guys are true musicians who know what jamming really is. One-Eyed Jack learned from the best, and Keep Your Head shows they have put their education to good use. " (Hittin the Note Magazine - 2007)

“One thing always sticks out with this band is song content, out of all the Jam Bands on the scene One-Eyed Jack is able to write good songs with interesting and heartfelt lyrics.” - JCRMusic (FRANCE)

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